Tunnel Vision, 2021

Tunnel Vision consists of a steel mount cradling seventy 4’ long glass tubes, salvaged from Fremont, California-based solar manufacturer Solyndra (bankrupted by production and market forces after receiving $535m in Obama administration-backed loans, which were then contested by Republicans to the tune of $8.4m). In a camera-monitor arrangement referencing those of video feedback systems, a video camera (on the mount’s right) aims down the tubes, lengthwise, at a monitor (abutting them on the mount’s left). Rather than showing the self-reflexive, emergent phenomena resulting from a video feedback “dialogue”, however, the camera’s view (projected on the wall behind the piece) shows only its point of fixation, referencing the self-hypnotic effect of denial.

Tunnel Vision
Looping video, scientific glass, steel, electronics. 48” x 48” x 22”; Projection: dimensions variable.
Sound: Chuck Johnson’s Serotiny. (Excerpt: 02:00)