Stitching the Future with Clues, 2021

Stitching the Future with Clues is a neurodivergent-futurist manifesto, presented as a single-channel film. It was commissioned by the Ford Foundation Gallery for the exhibition Indisposable: Structures of Support After the ADA, curated by Drs. Ann Fox and Jessica Cooley. Combining animated diagrams, video and audio feedback processes, live performance, and expanded cinema techniques, it asks viewers to consider feedback systems as conceptual frameworks. It also reveals, through a cybernetic lens, how neurodivergence can be viewed as a system of sense-making; one differently attuned to temporal, psychic, and environmental embodied existence; and holding key insights for urgently needed world-building. Sound: Thomas Dimuzio, video feedback: Kit Young. (Runtime: 14:30; Excerpt: 03:00)