Stitching the Future with Clues, 2021

Stitching the Future with Clues is a neurodivergent-futurist manifesto, commissioned by the Ford Foundation Gallery for the exhibition Indisposable: Structures of Support After the ADA. Existing as a single-channel film and as an immersive live performance, it asks viewers to consider feedback systems as theoretical frameworks, using animated diagrams, audio/video feedback processes, and expanded cinema techniques (crossing video beams through a glass sphere of water, and further distorting their projections with additional spheres of water, kiln-formed glass, and lenses). The piece also reveals, through a cybernetic lens, how neurodivergence can be viewed as a system of sense-making; one differently attuned to temporal, psychic, and environmental embodied existence, and holding key insights for urgently needed world-building.

Stitching the Future with Clues
Video, water, scientific glass, kiln-formed glass, found objects, steel, electronics. Dimensions variable.
Sound: Thomas Dimuzio, video feedback: Kit Young. (Single-channel runtime: 14:30; Excerpt: 03:00)