The Beginning Was The End: Installation Views,

“As a long-time student of mysticism from cross-cultural angles including shamanism, I find these concepts both exceedingly important for elevating people out of the mundane and materialist worldview of modernity, and difficult to convey in the variety of ways that people need in order to grasp them. The application of art to expressing Javanese shaman’s multi-dimensional perception of reality is an awesome means for conveying such difficult and complex ideas. Holt has both grasped one particular network of knowledge effectively and developed unique and astounding artistic means for presenting it.”

~Douglas Herman, Senior Geographer, National Museum of the American Indian, The Smithsonian Institution

  • 2015 + ’16 | Finalist, Smithsonian Artist Research Fellowship, WA, D.C.
  • 2017 + ’19 | Nominee, Smithsonian Artist Research Fellowship, WA, D.C.
  • 2018 | Sculpture Magazine
  • 2017 | Commissioned Artist, Pro Arts Gallery and Commons, Oakland, CA
  • 2013 | Commissioned Artist, San Francisco Arts Commission, SF, CA
  • 2013 | Commissioned Artist, The David Bermant Foundation, LA, CA
  • 2012 | SECA Award, SFMOMA, San Francisco, CA: Nominee
  • 2010 | Artist-In-Residence, Cemeti Inst. for Art + Society, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  • 2009 – ’10 | J. William Fulbright Scholar, U.S. Dept. of State, Indonesia
  • 2008 | Darmasiswa Award, Indonesia Consulate General, WA, DC
  • 2008 | Resident Researcher, Sanggar Perbakayun, Indonesia