Mutable Commute, 2015

In this 20 minute piece, film maker Scott Stark inserts and mixes VHS tapes in a random manner, inducing sounds and images that play with and against each other on side-by-side screens. I respond on a third screen, using a live camera to explore videosculptures whose forms echo Stark’s inimitable PERL-controlled editing, and which conduct and distort the imagery in his tapes. “Mutable Commute is an abstracted evocation of the body in transit, its strengths and vulnerabilities, and the harsh permeability of the machines and buildings that transport the body through, and contain it within, the urban environment. Mutable Commute also explores the cyclical nature of human survival.” S. Stark.

Performed live at Other Cinema, San Francisco, CA, 2015. (runtime: 01:52)