2014 - present

the glass system

performance, sculpture, sound installation, video, videosculpture

The Glass System is a body of interrelated works that use video, glass, magnets, water, and mirrors to explore scientific and traditional concepts of time and reality, translating them into tangible models and visceral experiences. Often focusing on symmetry in physics—in which a physical property or process has an equivalence in two or more directions—they are informed equally by theoretical physics and my research as a Fulbright Fellow in Indonesia. There, I focused on Javanese tools for navigating the interrelationship between humans, nature and the supernatural, especially the idea that we interact with everything in our world, including much that our bodies are not designed to perceive. Documentation and expanded cinema versions of this work performed live with media artists Scott Stark and (separately) Kadet Kuhne, are below.

At the 47th University of North Dakota Writers Conference: The Art of Science, I was in conversation with theoretical physicist Brian Greene, science fiction author Kim Stanley Robinson, and Utah’s poet laureate Katherine Coles. Concurrent with our panel discussions involving theoretical cosmology in relation to that of Java, my solo exhibition of this work opened on 04.06. 2016 at the North Dakota Museum of Art, and  features sound by Yann Novak. It is on view through 05.29.2016.

The Glass System title is in homage to the late filmmaker and my friend, Mark Lapore.


The Glass System | Installation, Videosculpture + Expanded Cinema


The Glass System | Sculpture