Neurodivergent Media, 2013 —

For the past several years, I have taught experimental video to autistic teens and adults both in groups and one-on-one, developing a pedagogy I call Neurodivergent Media. My students sense, process, and exchange information according to distinctive protocols that run counter to dominant societal norms (hence the term, neurodivergent), responding to their environment in astonishingly sophisticated and complex ways. Many students think of themselves as running a different “operating system.” They acknowledge the personhood of nonhuman entities, enjoy seemingly superhuman sense perception, and many are drawn to mythological structures describing cycles and epicycles of time that reflect their own physical and psychic experiences. Their ways of knowing inform how my methodology, our projects, and even class structures develop; by constantly innovating techniques and exploiting my interdisciplinary skills, we translate their visions together into cinematic reality.

  • Virginia Darling
  • Emma Luong, Garrett Leese, Allison Leigh Holt (01:37)
  • You Are So Small
  • Patrick McGee + Allison Leigh Holt (01:42)
  • Soul Communication: Druid – Tree Transmission
  • Jacob Fleet Goldman + Allison Leigh Holt (01:19)
  • How To Prevent A Nuclear War
  • Justin Entemann + Allison Leigh Holt (01:04)
  • Trixie vs. Twilight
  • Patrick McGee + Allison Leigh Holt (00:34)