Neurodivergent Media, 2013 —

For several years, I’ve been developing a specific approach to working with autistic individuals, and as Neurodivergent Media, I teach experimental video in group classes and mentor one-on-one. I see autism and other neurocognitive variants as part of the natural spectrum of human biodiversity, with distinctive traits that have contributed to the evolution of technology and culture throughout history. By degree, these traits even appear to be key ingredients in genius. Below are some examples of my collaborative work with clients and students.

  • Virginia Darling
  • Emma Luong, Garrett Leese, Allison Leigh Holt (01:37)
  • You Are So Small
  • Patrick McGee + Allison Leigh Holt (01:42)
  • Metamorphose
  • Jacob Fleet Goldman + Allison Leigh Holt (01:19)
  • How To Prevent A Nuclear War
  • Justin Entemann + Allison Leigh Holt (01:04)
  • Trixie vs. Twilight
  • Patrick McGee + Allison Leigh Holt (00:34)