Palindrome is a phenomenological experiment, an exploded model of my Self and my alter ego/spiritual twin existing in the same time and space.

Many years ago while hiking in Southern California, I stopped at a waterfall to take a rest.  Looking toward the clear, black stream, I caught in the lens of my glasses the reflection of my own eyes.  I had the sensation that I was no longer seeing through my eyes, but rather through eyes shared with my phantom Siamese twin.  This feeling grew until I imagined that this double-self had been present with me all my life, that we had been unified through our senses.  As we navigated our hybrid existence, we had perceived our respective worlds through one another, face-to-face, each as if through a veil of the others’ realm.

When I began conducting research in Indonesia I learned that, in the traditional Javanese way of life, there is a name for this twin– suksma— and that each of us is born with this perfect copy of ourselves.  Our “gut feelings” emerge from where it is housed, and in the uncanny, familial quality of people new to us, it is our sukmsa communicating.  It is our connection to the infinite, a tether to our unknowable source.

Very beautifully done… It’s one of those things that, when you get it right, the simplicity is perfection.
Lewis Klahr, experimental filmmaker