Over the past few years, I have created research–based projects that explore divergent ways of perceiving, comprehending, and interacting with our world. These projects use diagrams, videosculpture, sound, light, and performance in attempts to illustrate the frameworks embedded in consciousness.                     

By developing relationships of trust over time—with Javanese shamans, those on the autism spectrum, and astrophysicists—I am able to translate the core structures I find within sometimes endangered worldviews into diagrams, some with unprecedented accuracy. These become prints and/or blueprints for works in glass, plexiglass, or resin. When activated by video, the latter reveal delicate, powerful moving images, resulting in three-dimensional forms that convey higher-dimensional phenomena, or alternate concepts of time.

I am interested in the interrelatedness of human knowledge, natural systems, and spirituality that is endemic to sophisticated ways of orientating oneself in reality. My work describes perspectives that propose radical shifts in cultural, anthropocentric, and Earth-based biases, at a time when human behavior determines our planet’s survival.